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YusriYusoff Consulting was recently selected as one of Singapore's top 10 marriage counselling services. The write-up can be viewed here.

Praised to God, we find great pride in the feedback from our current clients. Here is what a few of them have to say…


"So happy to have chanced upon Ustaz Yusri's website when my husband and I were looking for online marriage courses and counselling services. Ustaz was an attentive listener and helped us identify key issues which we needed to work on. Alhamdulillah, we practised the tips and ideas which Ustaz shared, and this has resulted in improved communication and quality time as a couple. Thank you, Ustaz, for your guidance! 

Sha, 41. 

"I'm surprised how my son has transformed with just one session. He hugs me and apologises for all his wrongdoing, and remember your advice. MasyaAllah. Much thanks for your doa and coaching session." Ms Sue, 53. 

"Sessions with Ustaz, I’ve had an insight on how to manage and tackle roadblocks ahead of me. Ustaz, being non-judgemental and has a deep understanding of where I was, I am able to believe that I have the strength to stay strong. I’ve come to believe that there is no shame or weaknesses in saying “I can’t do this alone” and that seeking help shows strength in myself. Diniy, 43.  

"The session is very insightful and full of wisdom. After going through a counselling session with him, I really tried my best to practise the solutions and suggestions that have been agreed upon. The outcome turns out to be good, and the relationship between me and my husband has improved a lot." Wati, 36.


"Service given was more than satisfactory. He answered promptly to the issues faced. Additionally, he is knowledgeable and very experienced in handling the counselling session. Received several tips on self improvement in becoming a better life partner. InsyaAllah." Siti, 36.

"Thank you to Ustaz Yusri for the counselling session. It was great to be able to discuss and your advice is really valuable. Definitely, you had made the session great as you were able to listen and understand and relate the problems I am facing. It was made easier by your approachable engagements." Ahmad, 28.

"Better manage to let out and address issues in a safe and control environment. The counsellor is objective, non-judgmental and has the solution. The session also helps me. Insha Allah." Karl, 31.

"I feel very reassuring of a successful marriage. The mediator shared his personal experiences and stories. He was also attentive and tackle as well address each of the problems with an open mind. And yes it helps me." Nisha, 28.

"The sessions brought my wife and I closer together as a unit and also allowed us to better understand how to get the very best out of one another. I’m now more aware of which style of communication or approach will work best with my wife and this means a better environment at home, better communication, and better outcomes. Million Thanks!" Jamel (French-Algerian), 34.


"We approach Ustaz Yusri for our parent's marital problems. If you would like to have a chat with him, book an appointment today. Do not wait till it is too late to go for help. Relationships do not fall apart overnight. The longer the problem stays, the more the relationship becomes strained. Seek help early from a professional to work with you and your spouse on improving your marital relationship. A counsellor can help you and your spouse. Thank you Ustaz Yusri for your marriage counselling services, highly recommended!" Ummi, 39.

To read more about other clients' testimonials (Google Reviews). Click here. For more details on the counselling session methods and Ustaz Yusri's profile. Click here

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Thank you. 

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