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With almost 20 years of experience in the field of Islamic content development and enhancing families, guided by Islamic education, Ustaz Yusri is also the only Singaporean asatizah who was a columnist for a Malaysian-based magazine. He has also written and published several books that emerged as best sellers in Singapore and Malaysia, along with a slew of articles and research papers. Ustaz Yusri has a reputation as being one of the local asatizah with excellent writing skills. 

He contributed to the content development and syllabus planning for these modules: Youth Alive (Islamic Beliefs & Practices), ADIL (Prophetic Tradition) along with editing several other modules for ADIL. He was also heavily involved in the syllabus development for youths under the probation schemes, Project Youth Spirit and content development for the marriage preparatory course Bersama Mu commissioned by the then Ministry for Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS), now known as Ministry for Social and Family Development (MSF). 


Furthermore, he was also part of the team that wrote the syllabus for Insan Mukmin used in the prisons. Ustaz Yusri has written many khutbah (sermon) texts and edited hundreds of sermons published by the Office of the Mufti (Muis). In addition, he was an instructor for a module on Domestic Violence, and Basics of Counselling (in which he developed the content). 


His experience serving the community and dealing with people during his tenure at the mosque, through his service at the Syariah Court, ROMM, Office of the Mufti (Muis), Appeal Board (Muis), RRG and prisons allows him to gain a broader perspective and understanding of the content needed to meet the current needs of society. Please reach out to us with your enquiries or to set up an appointment.

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