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Muslim Marriage Counsellor

Relationship Issues
Find Help in Overcoming Relationship Issues Through Family-System Therapy.


In today's overwhelming and fast-paced world, it can be easy for any relationship to become strained. Whether it is because of communication issues, lack of love between spouses or not performing their rights and responsibilities - all of these issues need to be adequately dealt with before it becomes toxic to the relationship between spouses.

Examples of Relationship Issues Include:

  • Constant Focus on Negativity 

  • Feelings of Frustration and Irritation

  • Inability to Control Anger

  • Conflict with in-Laws

Failure to manage conflicts in marriage can cause a host of other issues to develop in life, including trouble developing and maintaining relationships. Fortunately, managing conflicts in the relationship between in-laws and spouses are one of the most effective services offered by Ustaz Yusri Yusoff. Utilizing evidence-based therapeutic modules and the Quranic and Sirah when appropriate, together with the clients, Ustaz Yusri Yusoff, will help develop intervention plans that can help couples struggling with relationship issues.


To see if the counselling services with Ustaz Yusri are right for you, sign up for a consultation today. Help is just a click away!

Get Help in Overcoming Marital Conflicts and Relationship Issues Today!

Ustaz Yusri has extensive experience as an arbitrator (hakam) in Syariah Court, Appeal Board Members and Naib Kadi in Registry of Muslim Marriage (Romm). In addition to that, he is also an active counsellor with the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) in rehabilitating detainees. Ustaz Yusri has also spent more than a decade of time working at the Al-Falah Mosque offering counselling services from a faith-based and problem-solving perspective.

Currently undertaking his doctorate in Usuluddin and Comparative Religion at the Islamic University of Malaysia focusing on research in Islamic Thought, Ustaz Yusri is available at your convenience to address marital conflicts and family relationship issues from the perspective of an experienced Islamic religious counsellor. Ustaz Yusri believes that there are no problems without solutions. 

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