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Muslim Couple Counselling 

Muslim Married Couple Issues
Building Stronger Bonds: Address Marital Issues in A Safe and Comfortable Space.


Ustaz Yusri has been working in the field as a counsellor since early 2001. As an Islamic university graduate, Ustaz Yusri has developed his skills while serving couples, families, and individuals alike. He is uniquely qualified to help guide individuals through marital conflict issues with a background in spiritual development and education while promoting a healthy person-centred, therapeutic approach.

Key Advantages of Muslim Couple Counselling

  • To improve communication between spouses

  • To deepen intimacy and connection

  • To understand each other responsibilities 

  • To make a better decision of your marriage future

Ustaz Yusri believes that there are no problems without solutions. The right counselling services and solutions can help solve marriage couple issues, no matter how hard it may appear. Take time now to reach out to him to schedule an appointment for face to face or virtual consultation service to discuss your issues.

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