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Islamic Counselling Singapore

Explore Islamic Counselling Services With Ustaz Yusri

Are you struggling with your personal, family and marriage relationships? Trying to make sense of issues that have been overwhelming you? In today's constantly expanding digital world, it is possible to find help from a professional Islamic counselling service with the click of a button.

Counselling with Ustaz Yusri Yusoff

Ustaz Yusri is currently undertaking his doctorate in Usuluddin and Comparative Religion at the Islamic University of Malaysia. Currently, in possession of his degree in Usuluddin (Majoring in Hadith) at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, Ustaz Yusri has been working in the Islamic counselling field since 2001.

With a focus on cognitive-behavioural and solution-based counselling, Ustaz Yusri utilizes his religious background to guide his clients through issues, negative thoughts, stress, anger, and struggles surrounding personal and relationship problems. What sets Ustaz Yusri apart from traditional counselling experts is his foundational approach utilizing solutions from the Quran and Sirah, when appropriate.


You are not alone, and help is just with the click of a button away. Contact Ustaz Yusri to register for Islamic Counselling or Marital Coaching services

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